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Hot Weeds is an organic landscape
weed control company
serving the Puget Sound and
Olympic Peninsula areas.
Poisons are never used nor needed. Treatments are as effective as chemical herbicides, better for your family and the environment.

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leave a message with questions or service orders.  I will answer you ASAP.   loveyourplants@msn.com

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Hot Weeds
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Hot Weeds

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Organic Weed Management is a common sense alternative to highly toxic and polluting herbicides.  
Hot Weeds uses a combination of propane flaming machines, organic pleasant smelling botanical herbicides and other safe and natural methods to control unwanted vegetation on a small scale in your home landscapes, vacation properties or on a larger scale on commercial properties and large estates. 


Year-Round Programs of 3 visits per year are designed to manage your unwanted vegetation, keeping your property clear and usable.
         3 visit per year residential programs start at $495 per year.

Call with questions or service requests. 206 317-3872
Brochure with pricing and details will be mailed upon request.
Most bids can be made easily using aerial photography.
No in-person bids are given. testimonials are available.
Professional Consultations are available for all landscape problems
With my 35+years experience, I can diagnose Tree & Shrub, lawns and all lanscape plant problems. I will create custom organic solutions to help any health concerns.  Starting at $250 minimum per consultation visit, generally takes a few hours (a morning or afternoon). Consultation costs will be based on time, travel and reports generated. 
           "Just Call Patty"